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Imagine what’s possible when work becomes an extension of your authentic self.

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You’re smart. You work hard. You care deeply.
And you want those things to translate into bigger results.

I want that for you, too. All of my work is devoted to helping you multiply your contribution without selling your soul.

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Executive Coaching

How effective is your leadership? How do you know? Discover the sweet spot where your passion, potential and performance converge.

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Leadership Development

How do you transform individual contributors into a collective force for good? Our programs shift both the skills and mindset of your team.

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Career Navigation

To leap, or not to leap? At the crossroads of reinvention, the questions are many. Get clarity, courage and tools to reboot your career.

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Hi, I’m Beth.

And I know what it’s like to want to make a difference. I also know how the politics, the disappointing bosses and the unrelenting pressure to achieve can create layer upon layer of frustration, doubt and disconnection from your brilliance.

In wrestling with this paradox in my own career, I developed the tools to help you short-cut the process of aligning your business self with your authentic self. My work blends lessons learned from an international career in advertising with executive coaching, leadership development, and the practical wisdom of numerous spiritual traditions.

Clients often work in the arts, advertising, tech, engineering and wellness. The industry, however, is less important than knowing two key things about yourself: You want your work to have more meaning than a paycheck. You know you could be a force for greatness if you could just get the pieces to fall into place.

If the world started over with 'soul,' 'peace,' 'freedom,' and 'purpose' as common words in the workplace, Beth would be the Director of HR, giving the kind of coaching we could all use to up our game.

Amena Lee SchlaikjerFounder / Untapped Lab

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